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70% of the B2B Buying Decision is Made Before Contacting Your Sales Team.

So Without Marketing...

Without marketing, companies may lose their sales opportunity to a competitor who already employs an engagement strategy. Used to be, a brochure and a smooth pitch would close the deal. Not any more. Even the best sales teams need solid marketing to soften existing leads and generate new ones.

So if 70% of the B2B buying decision is made before the first handshake, who is getting the customers that should have been yours?

We're Mission.

More than 20 years of marketing insights have helped clients reach more customers, sell more product and build a more influential brand. That's the mission. And that's Mission.

In 1995, Mission's founding strategy was to invest all energies into building clients' companies rather than building Mission, figuring if our clients do well Mission would do well.  And to remain true to our strategy, we put a literal cap on how many clients Mission serves.  And it worked.  

Bigger is Better, Right?

At Mission, we keep our extra staff at zero. So the "we" is really "me". Randy Burkhart. And while most of the strategy, design and copywriting is handled in-house, when a particular creative or IT talent is needed for a project "we" use a group of freelancers who know they have to put their best work out there to survive.

So our clients receive lower costs because we're not bloated with staff. Plus, it ensures a higher quality of work because everyone on the team has extra motivation to excel. So is bigger, better? Not so fast.

Every Company Needs a Mission

Maybe it's time to rethink your message. To reinforce your brand. To shake things up.


With all the talk about the latest marketing channels available, the thing that is getting lost in the hysteria is that the thing that still sells is the message, not the media. It's not so much about the latest social channel or the hottest buzzwords as it is about creating a clearer vision of who you are, why you're great and why everyone is nuts if they don't buy your product.

To Move Cart, Place Horse in Front.

So why aren't they buying from you?

Ever seen a horse push a cart? That's the effort it takes to move your product with a poor marketing message. Not very efficient and a whole lot of effort to make the horse do what it simply can't do. Long before the first ad, post, blast or direct mail campaign, the real horsepower behind your marketing efforts—your message— has to be nailed down. And it has to be good.

When Great Messaging Leads Your Product, Great Results Follow Your Product.

Our clients drive their marketing with a compelling message that gets their customers attention. And because most of our clients are leaders in their markets, their products get lots of attention—and lots of praise.

Strong message. Compelling proposition. Customer connection.

Over 20 Years in Service.
And for every company Mission has ever served came solid product messaging, persuasive marketing and effective strategies. These are the marketing elements that increase sales and help build companies. Your company.
Because there is just one "missionary" at Mission, there are no wasteful staff meetings (that you'd otherwise be paying for), no need to bring unnecessary team members "up to speed" (which you'd otherwise be paying for), and zero fluff (which, if there was any, you'd be paying for). At Mission, we get our kicks helping clients become irresistible to the marketplace—cleanly, efficiently and without fluff.
Percent Effort Spent on Building Businesses.
Everybody says that. Few really do it. We know from over 20 years of success that building your business builds our business. We've kept a small footprint, choosing to run lean and remain focused on growing the business interests of our clients. And when needed, we bring specialized talent to the table to make things happen.

Past Projects

A Few Great Words from a Few Great People.

Are You Following Me?

If we're on the same page, then you probably have prior experience with marketing vendors, both good and bad— and you're shopping for a marketing partner.

I've Got Big Ears. 

There. I said it. But come to find out, that's been a great illustration when it comes to listening to what clients say about their business. Why is that unique? Because my clients who have come from other marketing agencies all say the same thing. Mission listened. Others stopped.

Mission was built to take the time to understand the client, capture the hidden virtues that set them apart in their market, probe deeper into the emotional part of their customer's buying process and only then employ the strategies that will best fulfill client objectives.

So yeah, I've got big ears. And proud of it!

Mission Inspires.

Companies buy stuff because they need stuff. But who they do business with is never because of need but because of choice. Just telling someone you're the best doesn't move people to choose you. Mission helps companies who are great tell a better story about how they're great.

Superior. Best. Highest. Greatest. Yawn.

So you say you have the best quality? So does everybody else. Mission takes the time and has the skills to uncover the deeper story, helping your customer understand why your quality is distinctive and worth a second look.

Three. Two. One. Contact.

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Let's do something great together.

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